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Sprinkler System Winterization - Sprinkler Blowouts

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We are now Closed for the Season. See you in the Spring!

Sprinkler system Winterization sprinkler blow outs


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Sprinkler System Winterization - Sprinkler Shutdown – Sprinkler Blow out:

Whatever you call it, done right today can save you a fortune in the Spring!

• Professionally done

We know how to do this right and can spot issues before they turn into expensive problems!
20+yrs. exp. BBB A+ rating

• Water Turn Off & Properly close valves.All valves will be properly shut off. See Tips below for Correct valve positions


• Properly Drain System

See Tips below for how to fix the most common problem in Spring. You won't have this problem if we do the work.

• Purged all lines with compressed air

High powered, Truck towed, Gas powered, compressor.

Your neighbor doesn't have one of these. ;-)    This is what you need to do the job right!

• Inspect the complete system

As winterization in in progress we keep an eye out for any problems and concerns.

All problems and concerns will be reported to You.

This is where 20+ yrs sprinkler system experience comes in.

• Shut off timer

Your ready for Winter!

Additional Helpful Information for Sprinkler System Owners

Proper valves shut off position.

Lots of people have "little helpers" about. Just in case they "help" you with your sprinkler system, this is how the sprinkler valves should properly be positioned.
The valves should be at 45°

This assures the system can properly drain and IF there is Any water still in the system, pressure won't build up and crack the pipes.


Main System Shut-off Valve
90° to the Pipe is Off.

The main Valve will be found inside your home, usually in the basement. If you don't have a basement you will usually find this close to the water heater.

Main Shut off valve Winterized and Off

How to Fix the Spring Flood

This isn't going to happen if you use the Sprinkler Guy!

However, I've had soooo many calls over the years, I want to teach everyone how to make this simple fix.

The Problem:

Someone left the drain valve open after draining the system during winterization.

The Result:

You've got a flood in Spring

The Solution:

Shut the valve off. Voila - no more spring flood.

Pass this along to your neighbors! This is one problem we hate getting called to fix. Nobody wants to pay to have a professional turn off an open valve.







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